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Many thanks to this company for the professional way in which they handled my enquiry for an electric charging point for a business. I spoke to Stewart throughout who was helpful and provided me with updates and information as required. The point was installed with no hassle and in a timely manner. I would therefore highly recommend this company to anyone who is considering having a charging point installed at a business
Small Business, Lanarkshire
5* Trust Pilot Review, July 2020
Positive experience with this company and will be recommending anyone who needs a charge point installed. I had an issue connecting my charger to the wifi but they went above and beyond to fix the problem and get me up and running. Thanks again for the help
Lindsey, Glasgow
5* Trust Pilot Review, November 2020

Benefits Of A Home EV Charger

Having a home electric car charger offers several benefits for electric vehicle (EV) owners, contributing to the convenience, efficiency, and overall enjoyment of owning an electric vehicle.

If you are thinking of having a EV charger installed at home, listed below are some of the benefits that might help you make up your mind.

Home electric car chargers provide the convenience of charging your electric vehicle at home, eliminating the need to visit public charging stations regularly. This is particularly advantageous for daily charging needs and allows for hassle-free overnight charging.

Level 2 home chargers, which use a higher voltage (240 volts) than standard household outlets, offer faster charging times compared to Level 1 chargers. This means you can replenish your electric vehicle’s battery more quickly, especially beneficial for those with busy schedules.

Charging at home can sometimes be more cost effective than using public charging stations if you do it right! Particularly if you can take advantage of lower off-peak electricity rates at certain times of the day such as early in the morning. If you use your charger wisely with your solar panels and battery storage system, over time, the savings in charging costs can offset the initial investment in your home EV charger installation.

Home EV chargers allow you to set a charging schedule based on your preferences and needs. This flexibility can be useful for taking advantage of time of use electricity rates, ensuring your vehicle is fully charged when you need it, and optimising energy usage.

Having a dedicated home charger provides peace of mind, knowing that you have a reliable and consistent source of charging. You don’t have to worry about the availability of public charging stations or potential waiting times.

Many home chargers come equipped with smart features, such as Wi-Fi connectivity and mobile apps. These features allow you to remotely monitor and control the charging process, receive notifications, and track energy usage.

Charging your electric vehicle at home may contribute to a lower overall carbon footprint, especially if your electricity is sourced from renewable energy. It allows you to have more control over the environmental impact of your charging activities.

In the event of power outages or emergencies, having a home electric car charger with battery backup capabilities can provide a source of power for your electric vehicle, potentially serving as a backup power supply for essential devices in your home.

Overall, a home electric car charger enhances the overall ownership experience of an electric vehicle, offering convenience, savings, and customisation to meet individual needs and preferences.

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