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Solar energy and solar panels can work well in Scotland if fitted correctly at the correct angle, using the best equipment to fully enhance the limited daylight and sunlight we have to work with.
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our Mission

our Mission

Connecting homeowners and small businesses in Scotland with customer centric installers who will provide the best service for competitive rates. Eliminating the prevelance of fly by night rogues and sales companies using old fashioned sales tactics and charging over the odds.


All of our partner installers provide the most up to date information and practical advice to ensure maximum returns on your investment. Including the latest equipment, best performing panels, batteries and inverters that they will guide you on how to monitor from an APP on your phone. If your not tech savvy don't worry! They will ensure your system is setup correctly during your initial installation.

Looking to Eliminate Bad Practise And Maximise Performance Of Domestic Solar Power in Scotland

See A Return On Your Investment
After working in the solar industry for many years providing marketing services, Solar Company Scotland was launched to help ensure homeowners find only the best MCS approved solar panel installers who will provide a customer focused service. Regardless what you may hear, solar power can and does work in Scotland, we want to deliver installers who will create more of the of positive stories you hear about the performance of solar panels. Often solar in general is given a bad rap, with people doubting the lack of sunlight and daylight available in Scotland. If your system is fitted correctly with a suitable inverter, batteries, sound connections and optimal angles you can be sure of a decent return on you investment when these things are done correctly. Solar panels are installed worldwide, with many commercial premises in Scotland installing them both for a return on investment and to help the nation achieve it's Net Zero target to reduce co2 emissions and reduce our carbon footprint.

Useful Links

Here are some useful links to websites of leading names in the solar industry in Scotland and the UK:

Solar Grants and Loans

Home Energy Scotland administrate most renewable loans and grants for homeowners in Scotland and provide sound advice in relation to any funding you may be entitled to to help with installation costs. They also have there Business Energy Scotland division who manage grants and loans for business owners.

The Best Advice

The Energy Savings Trust are as well respected as it gets in relation to improving your homes energy efficiency and getting the best advice on what is best for all types of heating and renewable products.

Solar News and Updates

There are tonnes of websites, newsletters, blogs etc for solar power, however, one of the most reliable and up to date ones is The Solar Power Portal which you can setup free email alerts for that they send frequently with the most up to date information in the industry. 

Authorised Bodies

These days there are tonnes of authorised bodies companies can join in solar and other industries for that matter! Many of them don’t mean a great deal and are more of a joining fee only type membership. The most essential accreditations a solar panel installer should have MCS, NICEIC, NAPIT and the Renewable Energy Consumer Code. If you deal with an installer who is not MCS accredited in particular, your panels will not be properly commissioned and therefore any product warranty will be lost.